List of products by manufacturer RESTUBE

RESTUBE is a German manufacturer of inflatable tubes to ensure more safety during your aquatic activities.


is simple. A couple years ago a member of our team experienced a critical situation. Since then we want water sport to be safer for our friends and us. As students of mechanical engineering the idea evolved to create a safety product for in-water-activities. RESTUBE was born.


is every single detail developed by RESTUBE. Due to our close cooperation with our team riders and lifesavers we are able to continually optimize RESTUBE, adapting individual demands and meeting the requirements of water sportsmen.

The background

Water rescue is an extremely important subject, but it seems that unfortunately the mayority of the people is not aware of that. The WHO states that drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide and that nearly 400.000 people drown annually. The founders of RESTUBE Christopher Fuhrhop and Marius Kunkis, both Engineers with an affection for all kinds of water sports, decided to provide a solution to those shocking facts.

2011/2012: The idea is growing and the business is starting

After a risky situation while he was kiteboarding, Christopher had his degree dissertation written about a small, life saving device he invented himself. Out of that idea, the RESTUBE was created. The project got lots of support by his university, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and the German Federal Ministry of Economics for eligible business establishments and the EXIST stipend. In 2012 the product was introduced at the ISPO in Munich, the leading international sports business trade show, where it was in the finals of the ISPO BRANDNEW Award, and gained high acceptance. Also they became honored in a government’s initiative called „Germany – Country of Ideas“.

2013 Events, new markets and lots of new ideas

In 2013 there were many new movements in the company, lots of events were visited, the products have reached a higher level in their development and the founders have built a team consisting of young, motivated and creative people. The amount of water sports events that are interested in having RESTUBE as their official safety partner has also increased. All of the 350 participants of this year’s RedBull Coast2Coast kiteboarding race, the hardest kiteboarding race so far according to Robbie Naish, had to wear the RESTUBE sports2, 3 of the riders even had to deploy it. Also the huge open water swimming event swimtheisland in Italy provided all of the 700 participants with a RESTUBE classic during the competition. The research team is looking for new markets and analyzing the current state of the product. The company also received another stipend, this time from the Blanco foundation, and they got voted highest in the Pitch&Invest Event held by the German Funders Club. Furthermore they participated in Nissan’s campaign Test the Future Today and have won an electrical car for testing it for half a year. RESTUBE’s team is looking forward to new inventions and meeting new challenges, awaiting them in the future.

2014: The new versions, the ISPO Award and lots of good news: The idea is spreading!

In 2014 the two new versions of the RESTUBE were released and promptly the new version of the RESTUBE sports won the ISPO Award and became a Gold Winner! Tao Schirrmacher, Industrial Designer, Surfer and Snowboarder states: “A product with a real added value. Whether you are swimming, surfing, or just bringing it as a safety backup, this small tool can save lives. The RESTUBE is very well designed and its functionality turns it into a true ISPO AWARD GOLD WINNER.”. The Research&Development department is creating and thinking about new features and details and versions, the Marketing is thinking about new strategies and events to visit and the Sales department is looking for new partners all over the globe. In May there was a meeting with the RESTUBE teamrider, famous big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner, where he would test some of our new inventions and state his opinion that RESTUBE is an important support for everybody in the water. The summer season is coming up and the team is waining for new adventures, there is also a kitesurfing trip with the whole staff planned…