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EXCELLERATOR is a French manufacturer of professional jump ropes featuring ball bearing system and ergonomic handles.

Since 1982, all users, amateurs and professionals acknowledge the quality of EXCELLERATOR jump ropes.

The resistance tubing jump rope combines cardio and resistance training. Available in various resistances and lengths, EXCELLERATOR skipping ropes feature ergonomic handles fitted with ball bearings to ensure that the ropes revolve faster and more comfortably. They can also receive weights to reinforce forearms, biceps and shoulders.

EXCELLERATOR's Philosophy:
"Simply Effective", not only refers to the efficient and useful nature of our products, but also to the small scale production that gœs into each rope. These jump ropes are manufactured in their own workshop using components sourced exclusively from European community, mainly from France. Choosing to work with craftsmen and suppliers that are as local as possible, the standards of quality behind these jumping ropes are driven by the needs of their customers, and not
simply by production costs.

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