About us

Our Company

Innovation Sports is a dynamic company distributing sporting goods, sports accessories, and customized team clothing.

Our mission is to offer quality innovative products that are not easy to find in the actual market.

Your satisfaction is our priority and it is our motivation to work hard day after day to offer you a unique experience, fast delivery service, and competitive prices. 

Health is a gift from life. We want to motivate you to participate in more physical activities to maintain your health. Exercise more, healthy eating, and non smoking are important values that we endorse and promote.

The Innovation Sports team wants to thank you for your trust and looks forward to working with you soon!

Our Team

As per our company, our team is young, dynamic and enthusiastic. Constantly growing since the beginning, our team is entirely dedicated to offer you its best in order to reach your expectations and the service level that you deserve.

An active and healthy lifestyle is our way to success!


Our team is available to you Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

We invite you to contact us at anytime using our general company e-mail, info@innovation-sports.com

We will responded within 48 hours, Monday thru Friday.

We workout during weekend to offer you our best all week!
Thank you for your understanding.